Revitol Hair Removal Instructions

OK folks. In short: you are wasting your hard earned money. Here are the details. Bought the things, he decided to try it on my armpit. One of them. He went into the House, as a Pratt 20 minutes with his arms in the air, as agent and voila, far not only fucking hair away. Give him the benefit of the doubt and decided rather that stuff on my legs. Only things on both legs up to the knees. He entered the House once more as a Pratt, for 20 minutes, according to the instructions and removed again, not a single hair. I am disgusted with this revitol hair removal instructions product, indoors and outdoors. Even upwards in the design of the tube. The hole is so small that you only a small amount of worm tapes, slowly and painfully must press on muscles inflated in your hands. And there's too much cream. I do not know what, it looks like small pieces of plastic or something. Little disconcerting as I thought!This is the only good thing I have that can say I took very quickly, but it's probably more a reflection on Amazon, nothing to do with this product. I can't believe that I wasted about £ [] on this shit, that use more than a tool to something jet. Seriously, with something that works as Sanchez or veet now call stuff like the devil stick. You buy these if you empty your money towards the bottom of the glass and I smell hair removal creams love. Pathetic excuse for a product,.